PHOTO: Sorting it back out

27 Oct
They took everything off every tray. At least they’re sorting it back out. #montessoriathome
This is the aspect I like least. Too many little things to get misplaced. via Instagram

PHOTO: Cylinder work x3!

26 Oct
#latergram #montessoriathome cylinder work. 3x! via Instagram

PHOTO: Double sandpaper letters. DONE!

21 Oct
Double sandpaper letters. Very imperfect but once the mod podge dries they’re DONE! #montessoriathome #montessoriDIY via Instagram

PHOTO: Not always the right answer

19 Oct
We don’t always get the right answer. #montessoriathome #preschool #counting via Instagram

PHOTO: Pumpkin Shapes

14 Oct
Meanwhile, sister works with glue and shapes to make pumpkins for her friends, or so she tells me. #montessoriathome #preschoolcrafts via Instagram

PHOTO: Shadow Matching

14 Oct
Working hard on shadow matching. #montessoriathome activity via a #3dinosaurs free preschool pack. via Instagram

PHOTO: Painting

13 Oct

Trying to learn not to mix every color of paint. #montessoriathome via Instagram

PHOTO: Apple pie roll ups

12 Oct

Apple pie roll ups featuring #pillsburycrescentrolls
They’re not bad for a recipe meant for kids. The brown sugar/spice on the tray is the best part. #montessoriathome #kidsinthekitchen via Instagram

Book Club: Little Blue Truck

09 Oct

I planned some activities┬áto go with Little Blue Truck within our normal Montessori at Home routine for this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. I hadn’t seen this book prior to hearing about it through the book club. It’s not realistic (animals can’t push a truck) but I like the artistic style, the rhythm of the words, and the simple lesson of helping others and being kind.


Practical Life

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PHOTO: Dipped pretzel pumpkins

09 Oct

Dipped pretzel pumpkins. #montessoriathome #practicallife via Instagram