PHOTO: Vacuuming and loving it!

24 Aug

Vacuuming and loving it! #3yearold #montessoriathome #practicallife via Instagram

Sick day water pouring practice. Should have done it outside where everything is already wet. #montessoriathome #rainyday

21 Aug
Sick day water pouring practice. Should have done it outside where everything is already wet. #montessoriathome #rainyday via Instagram

Montessori-Inspired Continent Activities: South America (for 3 year olds)

20 Aug

Montessori-Inspired South America Activities

Next up in our first pass at continent themed activities (for my 3 year old daughters) is South America. We’re getting into it towards the end of the Olympics in Rio — though my daughters don’t fully understand that event quite yet. I’m pulling this together quickly after about a month off — but I hope it’ll work!


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Photo: Washing rocks with her cousin

12 Aug

Washing rocks with her cousin.
#montessoriathome #montessorionvacation via Instagram


Photo: letter tracing 

03 Aug

She traces letters everywhere she goes. #montessoriathome , or really #montessoriattheballpark via Instagram


Photo: loving their new workspace!

03 Aug

They’re in love with their new #montessoriathome workspace! They also got into the knobbed cylinders.
Link to post about our new #homeschool #preschool #classroom in bio. via Instagram

(Room tour here.)


Montessori Homeschool Room Tour 2016

02 Aug

I mentioned some of the reasons for this change in a recent post. Today, I’m doing a tour of our Montessori homeschool space for Fall 2016. I have twin daughters who are 3.5 years old.

Traditional Shelves


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Learning vs Play Areas

02 Aug

Our 3 year old daughters & I have just about completed our first year of Montessori-At-Home activities. In that year, I’ve learned a lot, particularly about how I handle stress and how I want our spaces to function. I realized I needed to make some changes to better suit how we actually live.

dec2015shelvesOur old school area was upstairs, in a corner of our large play room/bonus room. A large sofa separated the room — half having typical toys (play kitchen, dress up toys, doll house, etc.), half holding our tables & shelves. Our daughters were sleeping downstairs in their nursery. We rarely used the play room, generally only going upstairs to do school work. It took dedication on my part to make the transition from downstairs to upstairs to get our school time in. We kept a few limited toys (legos, train tracks, puzzles, and a few other rotating items) in our living room downstairs.

This spring, we decided to separate the girls into their “big girl rooms” (mainly to get better sleep for the whole family), which are upstairs. Suddenly, we went to only going upstairs to do learning activities to being up there half the day… and it simply stressed me out! Play food was being mixed into the school shelves. School shelves were found in with the dolls. We had several good “grace and courtesy” moments where my daughters learned fairly well that when I wasn’t with them, they were supposed to stay in the playroom side. That worked 95% of the time.

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Photo: Pattern stringing

28 Jul

We’re still on summer break from our #montessoriathome activities, but that doesn’t stop us from practical life/fine motor work and following patterns by making necklaces from #michaels.

#preschoolcrafts via Instagram


Rocket Ship 4th of July

04 Jul

This was our first year to walk in our community 4th of July Parade. It’s a very small parade–2 scout troops, a fire engine, a dozen kids on bikes, a couple of dogs, and a handful of kids in wagons. It lasts all of .3 miles. In other words, it’s the perfect size for a parade on a hot Texas day.

We signed up in the wagon category. I wanted to make a sailboat, crafted after this fantastic one, but our 3 year oldswere dead set against a sailboat, wanting a rocket ship instead. I blame Elmo. (We saw a Sesame Street episode recently with a cardboard rocket.)

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